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Personal Checking Account

BankAsiana offers two types of Personal Checking Accounts to specifically meet your needs. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you choose the right account for you. Smart Checking for a low volume of checks Personal Checking for a high volume of checks

Now Account

The Now Account is a Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (NOW) account designed to accommodate a wide variety of your needs. Earn interest income with unlimited check writing

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

BankAsiana offers risk-free means of investing your retirement funds. We have a traditional IRA account for your retirement plan. Competitive interest rates

Money Market Account

Our Money Market Account is specifically designed for consumers who generate a low volume of transactions or who desire check writing flexibility for their savings or excess cash flow dollars. Tiered interest rate based on balance. Earn interest based on a floating rate. Limited check writing (6 per month)

Personal Savings Account

An interest bearing account is ideal for setting aside some extra funds each month.You can create your own savings plan by establishing an automatic transfer from your checking or other account to your savings account. Competitive interest rates

Installment Savings Account

BankAsiana is pleased to offer convenient installment savings programs to help you plan for your future. With a small monthly installment, you can plan for your dream vacation, wedding, home, business or secure your children college fund. Choose from a variety of monthly payments and maturity plans that best suits your needs. Payments can be hassle free with our automatic payment plan. Minimum balance is necessary to open and maintain BankAsiana makes saving easy.

Certificate of Deposit

Earn competitive rates of interest that are available in a variety of terms. You choose the term that best meets your needs. By locking in the term, you earn a higher rate of interest than our other savings accounts. At maturity, there is a 10 day grace period, should you wish to revise your investment strategy. You will receive a maturity notice approximately two weeks before the maturity date of the account For certificates whose term is greater than one year, we will send an annual statement for your records. Select certificates for additional deposits without extending the term.

Visa ® Debit / ATM Card

Enjoy the convenience of using our Visa® Debit / ATM. Card anywhere you see the Visa® logo. Pay for goods and services safely and quickly. Member Allpoint network with over 32,000 Surcharge. Free ATM’s nationwide.

BankAsiana Online

It's the simplest and fastest way to access BankAsiana. Available through our website at Manage all of your BankAsiana deposit accounts quickly and easily. Pay your bills quickly and easily, with online BillPay Free Check Imaging view your cancelled checks online. 24 Hour access. Available for Personal and Business customers. Transfer funds between BankAsiana deposit accounts.